The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) has announced the launch of the Uniform State Test for mortgage loan originators in several states.

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The NMLS Uniform State Test will replace the unique state tests in many states, starting this year. TrainingPro’s online Ax5 Mortgage Loan Originator Test Prep: Uniform State Test Component is now available! The NMLS maintains an updated list of each state’s UST adoption status on their website. Click here to see if your state applies. 

With the UST exam prep course students will enjoy:

  • Over 30 pages of reading material that directly follows the test content outline released by the NMLS
  • The PDF of the National and UST exam content outlines by the NMLS
  • A Pre-test to test your knowledge before you begin the course
  • Over 150 practice questions!
  • Interactive Flash Card tool to help with retention!

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When does the UST go into effect?

On April 1, 2013, the NMLS will launch two options for the Uniform State Test (UST):

Option 1: The UST will become a new domain in the existing National Test Component. This new domain will include 25 questions which will bring the length of the National Test Component to 125 questions (115 will be scored and 10 will be un-scored).

Option 2: In addition, a short version of the UST, called the Stand-alone UST, will be introduced and it will include 25 questions, all of which will be scored. This exam will only be offered through March 31, 2014.

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